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Welcome to the wishgl Home Page

When I finished the final project of my degree, on 1995, I worked with Tcl/Tk 7.4 and Mesa-1.2.8. So the first goal is update the sources to works with newest Tcl/Tk 8.3 and Mesa 3.4 in Linux, and it done.
It near to an alfa version with almost all functionalities working, the most basic of widget is done!
One of the point that I has never been solved was porting application to Microsoft Windows. Recently came up some ideas, compiling with dev-c++ and GLUT or use Cygwin/X.
Another problem is how to compile sources on different operating systems ?
You should use the same cflags that had been used by Tcl and the Mesa3D ... or else use autotools (TODO). If you are a volunteer to put this work with autotools e-mail me or write in forums, thanks.

the last realease avaiable or to download the last realease or funcy downaload area
or visit the old project page with all information

This is the new home with the true name, wishgl, but sources still on wishgl2 old area.
After have new sources, I will deleted wishgl2 sf project.
to check if a new release is avaiable
or visit the project page with all information

Sérgio M. B.

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